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It is still raining up here in the mountains and we’ve scarcely found a moment to get into the fields.  The higher temperatures have made it possible for us to move forward with a few things a little on the early side, but the constant rains have limited our chances for prepping beds and even mowing the very happy, healthy grass.  The leaves on the trees have transformed very quickly from bright green sparkles on the branches into the full blown greenery we anticipate in the summer months.  Blooms are turning into fruit and the first of the blueberries and blackberries are developing in our newly established sites.  We will very soon be sowing our summer crops in the field and the season is picking up speed.

This past week we were lucky enough to host the Waldorf School of Atlanta‘s 3rd grade class for a week long camping and farming adventure.  Waldorf Schools were developed by Rudolf Steiner, the same man who intuited the methodology utilized in Biodynamic Agriculture.  It is a part of the curriculum that the 3rd grade class go on a week long camping trip.  For a lot of the students, this is the first time they will be away from their parents and this trip is a sort of coming of age opportunity.  The students camped, worked on the farm, played in the creek, and supported one another as they dealt with feelings of homesickness and other conquered fears.

Words cannot express how beautiful this week was for us here at Timpson Creek Farm.  The farm itself benefited not only from the helping hands and eager minds of the campers, but also from their outpouring of excitement and the endless positive energy that only children can bring.  Their wonderment surrounding the natural world, their purity, and their sweet voices echoing through the valley from around the fire at night have enhanced this farm and made it better.  They brought more harmony, have blessed the hills and creeks, crickets, and frogs.  We will carry forward basking in their gratitude and inspired by their openness.  They have not yet been weighed down by a set belief system or a cynicism for this life and this is something to be inspired by.  We hope that we will continue here at Timpson Creek with the same open mind and heart as these amazing young people and greet our successes and failures with just as much grace.

Saying goodbye to 25 children on Friday brought tears to our eyes and mixed feelings of sadness and relief.  We made it through the week without incident; no one hurt, no thunderstorms in the valley.  The children were sad to leave and also happy to go home to see their parents, siblings, pets, and friends.  We know that they left with tales of survival and adventure.  We send them from this place hoping that we have nurtured within them an excitement for nature and farming and the relationships therein.  It is memories like this week that stay within the hearts of our youth and encourage a continued interest in this beautiful world we call home.  It is memories like this week that remind us farmers and nature keepers of the importance of this difficult lifestyle we cultivate.

We here at Timpson Creek Farm offer a wide variety of programming for institutions, groups, and schools alike to allow students, children, and adults opportunities to become more intimately involved in nature conservation, land stewardship, and Organic and Biodynamic Farming.  If you or someone you know is interested in what we may have to offer or potential collaborations; feel free to contact us today.

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