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It’s hard to imagine what this beautiful valley looked like this winter; barren trees and open hillsides.  The neon lights of new green leaves, mobilized grasses, and native sprouts mixed with the continual rain showers has the farm wearing a form of vibrancy that only Spring time energy can produce.  The bats have reclaimed the evening skies, nests in trees sweetly echo the demands of the land’s newest inhabitants and insects of all varieties have filled every tiny niche in the ecosystem.  Bees and wasps recklessly pound on the hoophouse plastic and voles are once again claiming crops here and there, keeping us on our toes.  Seeds have swollen and burst into roots throughout our fields and with them the first round of germinated weeds.  We are once again covered in Earth; we wear it on our brows, arms, legs, in our shoes, and in our dreams.

The season has only just begun and we have faced our fair share of challenges, successes, and loss.  The art of farming is a process of humbling.  Attuning our practices to those of the natural systems of this Earth is no easy task and no matter how many years we invest in the practice, our teachable moments are endless and will stretch out over our lifetimes.  As a grower, winter time coaxes out our creativity; we spin ideas and articulate plans that the Spring and Summer season put to the test and change at will.  It is essential that we imitate the natural world around us and remain flexible.  Being able to pivot in a moment’s notice is the process by which our farm organically takes shape.

As the crops on our farm establish, we are getting ready for the long list of beautiful foods that we will have available for our community, restaurants, and visitors.  We are excited to be opening our On Farm Stand this June which will allow individuals and families to visit the farm and pick up some of our freshly harvested, Certified Organic Produce, Flowers, and Fruits.  We are also eager to start our Organic Vegetable CSA program beginning May 27th and lasting every week until October 21st.  Our Organic Flower CSA, for those interested in fresh blooms, will begin on July 1st and continue until September 30th with the best of the farm’s beauty.  You can learn more about our offerings by visiting our CSA Info Page.

CSA programs are tied directly to the heart and soul of the farm.  Community Supported Agriculture is essential in the preservation of practices that generate healthful foods and landscapes.  Joining a CSA program, wherever you live with the closest farm to your home, is an act of loving kindness for this Earth, your community, your local farmer, and your family alike.  Opening your dinner table to the seasonality of the farm syncs the body and spirit to the annual rhythms that govern this world.  It allows farmers to remain flexible and sustain wins and losses at the hands of our ever changing climate.  CSA programs are truly an investment in keeping local farms thriving in a modern era of food chains and food deserts that beg of us not to care, not to eat well, and not to protect the abundance of our natural world whose vitality could be shared by all.

As our days progressively build in intensity, I am comforted by my sore back and dirty fingernails.  If there were ever a purpose for my existence on this planet, it is to be of service to nature and it’s beautiful human community.  I am grateful each day for my ability to fold into this bioregion and encourage diversity from its corners and shadows.  I am grateful for the people who continue to believe in healthful food and support local farmers in my own community and others.  Our work here at the farm is made possible by the endless kindness of those who wish to see it through and for that reason the relationship is a symbiotic one; a natural design that motivates us through the heavy rains, droughts, and hungry deer.  We here at Timpson Creek Farm look forward to this season and can’t wait to share its bounty with all of you; both our lessons learned and hand harvested wellness.


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