Welcome to Timpson Creek Farm and Education Center


Timpson Creek Farm is nestled into the beautiful rolling valleys of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.   The farm is located just a few short minutes from the town of Clayton, GA and neighbors Lake Rabun, Lake Burton, and Seed Lake.  Here at the farm we strive to grow beautiful food while working gently with the ecosystems located on the property.  We know that maintaining a balance between cultivated and wild spaces ensures that the farm has what it needs to provide for our crops and maintain fertility.


The Education Center serves as a space where individuals can come learn methods for producing food ecologically and also about the native habitat of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Offering everything from Field Trips, Summer Camps, and in-depth Nature/Agriculture Intensives, the farm acts as an incredible classroom where learning is experienced both through guided workshops and hands on experiences.

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How We Grow

The Farm at Timpson Creek is managed to the methodologies of Biodynamics, Permaculture, Agroforestry, and other ecological system designs that enhance the qualities of cooperation within the biological communities of the farm.

These methods create food products that are holistically balanced in nutrients and flavor, and whose plantings actually replenish the landscape as opposed to disturb or degrade it.

All efforts on the farm are a direct reflection of our desire to grow the most healthful foods possible for our patrons while always maintaining the integrity of the landscape.


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