What is a CSA?tomz

Community Supported Agriculture, or as it is commonly called a CSA is a concept that was developed by Biodynamic growers to connect the community of people surrounding a farm to its vegetables and seasons.  They realized then how important it was for the people who lived closest to the farm to be the first to benefit from its bounty and also the first to support it through the unpredictability of the growth and harvests.

When you choose to join a CSA, you are making a partnership with the farm.  You provide a set amount of payment for a season’s worth of produce.  By paying upfront, you give the farmer added economic cushion at the beginning of the season where sales are the thinnest.  In return, you get a beautiful hand selection of produce harvested the day of, once a week, throughout the entirety of the growing season.

Timpson Creek Farm CSA Options

Here at Timpson Creek Farm we offer two CSA options.  For those interested in picking up a box of the Southern Appalachia’s most beautiful vegetables, fruits, and herbs, we offer the Vegetable CSA.  For individuals interested in fresh cut flowers grown for diversity and meant to last after cutting, we offer the Flower CSA.


Vegetable CSA

Our Vegetable CSA offers a wide selection of seasonal, Certified Organic produce, harvested the day of with local pick up on the farm.  The Vegetable CSA cost is $30.00/week for 18 weeks which equals a $540.00 down payment.  After the payment is made, members will have the opportunity to pick up their produce every Saturday from June 2nd through September 29th on the farm and participate in CSA Member On-Farm Events.  It is a beautiful way to support the mission of the farm all while receiving some of the best, most nutritious food in the local area.

Interested in Joining our Vegetable CSA? Request the Application today!


Flower CSA

At Timpson Creek Farm, flowers are not only a beautiful addition to our productive fields, they also enhance the landscape for our crops by attracting pollinators and beneficial organisms.  Our Flower CSA is a fun way to help ensure that our farm is healthy and diverse.  The cost of the Flower CSA is $15.00/week for 14 weeks which equals a $210 down payment.  High quality blooms will be handcrafted into an abundant arrangement every week with pick up on Saturdays, June 30th through September 29th.

Interested in Joining our Flower CSA?  Request the Application Today!